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Open social

Cool, enterprise mashups are getting easier and easier. We use Drupal, so an open api is something we love hearing about.

"Google and Friends to Gang Up on Facebook ", NY Times

" alliance of companies led by Google plans to begin introducing a common set of standards [open api's] to allow software developers to write programs for Google's social network, Orkut, as well as others, including LinkedIn, hi5, Friendster, Plaxo and Ning.

Exclusive social networks

There's less to Facebook and other social networks than meets the eye.

"A NEW fad is sweeping across Silicon Valley, causing excitement, confusion and hyperbole not seen since the dotcom bubble. It began in May, when Mark Zuckerberg, ten days after turning 23, took the stage in a San Francisco warehouse and announced that he was opening up Facebook to outside programmers. Anyone can now build little programs, or - widgets, into the network. To illustrate his idea, Mr Zuckerberg projected onto the wall behind him a social graphic pattern of nodes representing Facebook users and the links among them.

Internal email spam and abuse

...misuse of e-mail is rampant, particularly via ass-cover and distrust-generating cc and bc functions.

Nice, this is one of the reasons, internal email spam, why organizations are starting to use social software applications. "e-mail of the species deadlier than the mail?" - from confused in calcutta.

Social networking and open platforms

We believe the ability to communicate and collaborate with people both inside and outside the company is a key business differentiator. We use Drupal to make web apps that connect people.

Enterprise web 2.0 services

We use Drupal - a web application framework to make Web 2.0, social networking applications and community software solutions for the enterprise. These apps are great for improving productivity.

"McAfee said he first realized the potential of Web 2.0 technologies to become an Enterprise 2.0 platform while studying more traditional corporate software applications including ERP, BPM, supply chain management and customer relationship management (CRM). At first, he was skeptical about the value of Web 2.0 for business, but hands-on experience convinced him that it had potential.

The math of small contributions

Take a look at any open source software community or social networking site to understand the math of small contributions in action.

This idea has been around for some time. I first read about it in, "small pieces loosely joined", by Dave Weinberger (one of the authors of the cluetrain). Anyway, Micheal Schrage has a good post, "Round-off Error? Hardly!" MIT Technology Review that applies the math. to the idea.

Corporate social networks

We're here for business development managers, business unit heads, team leaders, project heads, and managers whose work depends on reaching across silos or through an extended enterprise of suppliers and customers.

With business social networking software - managers and employees now have a system for connecting informal interactions and discovering new information flows.

So, stop reading about social applications and collaboration tools. Unleash your imagination and start experimenting. The real power of social software can only be appreciated with hands-on experience. Consider a pilot project.

The future of management?

As the need for knowledge workers increases, hopefully, business development managers will consider these innovative management ideas along with the new web 2.0 technologies (social networks and community applications) to implement them.

From Harvard Business review. "MANAGEMENT 2.0"Some of the ideas might be near to you... Lots of good comments.

What Does the Future of Management Look Like to You?

Facebook widgets, applications, and mashups

"In Facebook, Investing in a Theory", NY Times

"Thousands of software developers are creating features for Facebook, the rapidly growing social network, many hoping to strike it rich alongside Facebook's own employees."

We go even further... Users of our social web applications can use many already developed widgets, applications, and content (vids, images, text) to automagically apply on facebooks. Users/members are authenicated on login. All content is RSS/XML enabled.


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