Drupal Website Development & Marketing Ideas - The Launch

We use Drupal, an open source web application framework with a CMS bolted to it, to make websites. So, naturally, these blog posts are about ideas loosely related to Drupal. Hopefully, they will help improve your website and business. From SEO, E-comm, promotion, conversion rates, usability, website optimization, testing, open source CMS, website development, web design, business development, customer service, social ecommerce, social information management, community software solutions, social media, collaboration and knowledge management to marketing and innovation.


Not only do younger generations perceive technology differently from their elders, but they use it differently, too.

There are clear signs that momentum is building for an enterprise implementation of social networks as tools to improve internal communication and to deepen customer relationships. Managers might consider Drupal for the job.

Blogs - Drupal social networking applications and community software solutions - are moving from the social realm to the corporate world.

What does it take for business development managers to wake up to enterprise 2.0? On the tecnology side, managers might consider looking at Drupal, an open-soucre web application framework, to build web 2.0 apps.

Why is it that businesses, especially business development managers, have been slow to adopt many of the new social networking applications (consumer IT). We use Drupal, an open-source web application framework to make web 2.0 apps.

Social media is redefining the way people and companies around the world communicate with one another by dissolving geographical and cultural boundaries. We use Drupal to make social apps for the web.

Cool, enterprise mashups are getting easier and easier. We use Drupal, so an open api is something we love hearing about.

There's less to Facebook and other social networks than meets the eye.

...misuse of e-mail is rampant, particularly via ass-cover and distrust-generating cc and bc functions.

...no longer convinced that we should assume a traditional four-year college should be the automatic default.

We believe the ability to communicate and collaborate with people both inside and outside the company is a key business differentiator. We use Drupal to make web apps that connect people.

We use Drupal - a web application framework to make Web 2.0, social networking applications and community software solutions for the enterprise. These apps are great for improving productivity.

Take a look at any open source software community or social networking site to understand the math of small contributions in action.

We're here for business development managers, business unit heads, team leaders, project heads, and managers whose work depends on reaching across silos or through an extended enterprise of suppliers and customers.