Drupal Website Development & Marketing Ideas - The Launch

We use Drupal, an open source web application framework with a CMS bolted to it, to make websites. So, naturally, these blog posts are about ideas loosely related to Drupal. Hopefully, they will help improve your website and business. From SEO, E-comm, promotion, conversion rates, usability, website optimization, testing, open source CMS, website development, web design, business development, customer service, social ecommerce, social information management, community software solutions, social media, collaboration and knowledge management to marketing and innovation.

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Intuitive Usability Testing Smackdown

Website optimization and usability testing is a must these days if you are concerned with conversion rates.

5 Business Goals Your Website Should Aim For

Suggestions to help small to medium size business managers/founders make better websites.

Is Twitter a Central Content Distribution Hub for Business?

Sure seems like it with all of their recent deals: google, microsoft, and now linkedin.

Web 2.0-Based Marketing Strategies for Small to Medium Businesses

SMB's Plan Increase in use of Web 2.0 Features

Internet Trends 2009 - Web 2.0 Conference - Mary Meeker

Mary focuses on the economy and mobile Internet in this presentation.

Google Wave is Impressive

What problems does Google Wave solve?

Social Media Influences Searchers

Two ad impressions are better than one - get higher conversion rates.

Small Business Not Hot On Social Media

Owners are too busy with running the business!

Getting the Daily Zeitgeist

Trends and big ideas that influence websites and business development.

Big Changes Coming for Social Commerce and Social Shopping

You could almost take your friends shopping with you

Tips for Measuring Display Ads

Is the long-used click-through rate now officially useless?

Social media requires a real budget

It's not really cheap, or free.

Ask These Questions Before Website Redesign

We use an open source CMS - Drupal - for website redesigns. These questions about website redesign can be applied to new website development and design as well.

Online shoppers looking for better deals.

Web retailers grappling with high cart abandonment rates

Costly Lessons From Business Failures

The number one cause of failure is misguided strategy