Drupal Website Development & Marketing Ideas - The Launch

We use Drupal, an open source web application framework with a CMS bolted to it, to make websites. So, naturally, these blog posts are about ideas loosely related to Drupal. Hopefully, they will help improve your website and business. From SEO, E-comm, promotion, conversion rates, usability, website optimization, testing, open source CMS, website development, web design, business development, customer service, social ecommerce, social information management, community software solutions, social media, collaboration and knowledge management to marketing and innovation.


How to create a rich online learning environment.

Some 75% of the world's businesses data is still processed in Cobol.

Web 2.0, social software has to be used to be fully appreciated.

Can brands cope with consumer participation?

Think foursquares.

"...social applications are about consideration, not awareness. Blogs, word of mouth, social networks... they're about people connecting with other people."

Three great tips for any size organization wanting to tap external ideas.

Organizations trying to capture the wisdom of crowds (employees, customers, partners) are using social networking software - web 2.0 technologies.

How innovations like social networks, RSS, microblogs, wikis and mashups will translate into enterprise profits.

Defining social networking technology.

Please - we can't read your mind.

Many of these business trends and processes can be implemented using web 2.0 technologies and social software applications.

How-to video on del.icio.us and social bookmarking.

The net is getting smarter... Things change fast these days... Knowledge, deep smarts, information, data are everywhere... So, people who have the ability, all of us, to imagine and connect dots will thrive.

Companies are reaching beyond their R&D labs to tap individuals and organizations outside their corporate boundaries.