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Social Networks, Communities, & Rich Learning Environments

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The following two posts are about advertising and new business models. My interests in them is about how we learn new things, share ideas, social information management (SIM) and flow in a workplace social network or community. In other words, how do we create a rich learning environment? One that helps employees and stakeholders sort through the clutter?

Note: I'm grateful for smart people like Mr. Hagel and Ms. Dyson. They help me clarify ideas that I simply don't have the time or skill to write about.

The gated social networks

From the NY Times, "The Gated Social Network. I don't want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member, Groucho Marx famously said. He would have loved the Web's newest social networks."

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Social Media
Mashability to Mashups

The NY Times has an interesting article about mashups - Do the Mash (Even if You Don't Know All the Steps)


"POP music has its mash-ups that combine tunes and vocals from different songs. YouTube viewers do it, too, mixing together segments from various music videos."

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Using social software to collaborate and connect

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"The good and bad Of Web 2.0 tools", By J. Nicholas, IT News

It once bet its collaboration strategy on Microsoft tools. It's expanded to consider more Web 2.0 tools, but getting them implemented and used is far from easy.

Doorways to Innovation

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Free business development ideas on innovation and open collaboration. We strongly believe greats ideas are everywhere - even outside the company walls. Both, innovation and open collaboration, are great processes that demand a framework, say, a social network system or a community application approach.