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Collaborative Innovation

"Podcast: Wharton's Kevin Werbach Speaks with IBM's David Yaun about the Global Innovation Outlook", (reg req)

"Kevin Werbach, a professor of legal studies and business ethics at Wharton, spoke recently with David Yaun, an IBM executive, about the company's Global Innovation Outlook project. According to Yaun, "traditionally, companies have identified innovation with gadgets and gizmos, but that thinking is being transformed." The definition of innovation is being broadened -- it is becoming more open, collaborative, global and inter-disciplinary. "The barriers to innovation and collaboration have come down dramatically," Yaun says. This was the second in a series of interviews about themes to be featured at Supernova, a conference Werbach organizes in collaboration with Wharton in San Francisco."

The question is, how is your organization innovating? Check out, "The 12 different ways for companies to innovate" to get some ideas.

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