Idea Management


This is an example of a basic idea management system. It is part of an open source Content Management System (CMS) that we use to build websites. Use it for idea sourcing, distributing, and idea filtering. Ideas generally fall into four categories: 1) Innovation, 2) Effectiveness, 3) Efficiency, 4) Psychological. Try it out, add an idea or comment on one. You'll remain anonymous (unless you include your name.)

Mashups can be created quickly and easily. The ability to combine information into a common dashboard or visualize it using geo-location or mapping software is extremely powerful. We combine idea sourcing/filtering with bookmarking of external links/pages.

The added value for businesses is being able to collect this feedback into a single point that reflects collective attitudes, which can help shape a business strategy or add perspective to many other processes or functions.List of voted on Ideas and Links.

For common characteristics in an idea management system, see Idea Management Across the Organization Made Easy!

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