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More SBP (*Standard Blog Procedure)

Thank you Scobleizer for the heads up on Blogging@IBM.

The caveat in IBM's guidelines re: don't forget your day job has validity, as employees do have jobs to perform, and we, as a company are cognizant of that. However, if a company has decided to employ blogging in it's business practice, they should also allow for time spent blogging and researching blog posts.

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Getting better ideas with folksonomy, tagging

Businesses would get better ideas if they used social web tools and social media to engage employees, customers, and partners on a free flowing and unconstrained tagging basis instead of a pre-defined hierarchy of words that define the way things are or should be according to the business.

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The 7 habits of highly effective PR blogs

A year ago, many people would have been hard pressed to describe a weblog, but today the impact of blogging is felt across our society. Whether it's the latest news leak, a new outlet for more traditional media, or a discussion about politics, technology, business trends, or a global occurrence, blogs are rapidly becoming an important part of online and in-person discourse. The fact is corporate blogs are finding a place in this growing online community.

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