Social Media tools in Businesses, Schools, Governments, Non-profits

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Cisco System has figured out how to improve business prosesses and productivity using social media tools. Thier CIO, Rebecca Jacoby has led the charge. "...

Government 2.0 and Open Source Software

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The Obama administration is using Drupal (an open source software project) for the government's 2.0 recovery website. Great. recovery.gov

With Drupal being used on such a nationally recognized site, a gigantic government one, it should be proof that it is enterprise ready.

Open Source and The Big MOO

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Mine, ours, everyone's, Seth Godin, writes about The Big MOO. Seth sez...

...the project went from being mine (for about a week, while I thought about it) to ours (as I signed up each of 32 co-authors) to a tool for all of us (as I watch the book getting used in ways I never intended, by people I don't even know.)

Open Source Software Lessons for Business

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For any person that is interested in developing a website or any piece of software for that matter, they need to check out the oss projects that are scattered all over the net. Check out the leading tags on del.icio.us to get started.

How Linux Could Overthrow Microsoft by Charles Ferguson, from Technology Review.com - " With some improvements, the open-source model could even become the dominant global production model for software."

Key Advantage of Open Source is Not Cost Savings

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"Computer Economics recently conducted a survey of visitors to its website regarding the perceived advantages in the use of open source software. Although not a scientific sample, the results are nevertheless startling."