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Maximize shared understanding.

Wouldn't that be something? If businesses sought ideas from multiple sources
– especially unconventional ones (like BLOGS!) that offer diversity and
independence - and blended and synthesized them with their own internal ideas.
Just think if they captured the company’s informal social network –
the daily problems, challenges, and opportunities that their employees, partners,
customers/clients, investors, et al face. Imagine if businesses let staffers
and outsiders blog on company and product news from their site. I mean, actually
listened, before a crisis, to the immediate feedback and responded. From real
people they could co-create innovative solutions to complex problems.

The Web has matured as a communications medium. It can deliver benefits not
found anywhere. It's interactive, instantaneous, cost-effective and it offers
the potential to precisely engage people inside and outside the business in
a rich-dialogue to help everyone move forward.

I like this post: Forget
Influencing For A Minute, Be Influence-Able
, Evelyn
, "Marketers can focus squarely on influencing and tipping
points and building buzz -- and forget a valuable part of the equation lies
in being influence-able ourselves. If you focus solely on "getting the
word" out, you totally miss out on the greatest competitive advantage of

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