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Actionable information sources

In order to stay on top in today's mutable market place, the competitive business must be aware of and be prepared to take advantage of the best internal and external information available.

Ideally, there should be a coordinated group effort in your organization that searches, sifts, filters, and handles information sources using internally developed criteria with the objective of making sense (connecting the dots) of good ideas that will improve the organization's agenda.

In reality, most businesses have no central group to cultivate and apply ideas across the organization. Ideas slip through the cracks. Opportunities, lost.

Nearly every business has a ton of knowledge and expertise on the key aspects of the business, the products or services it provides, and the customers it serves. Sharing that wealth of information can benefit your customers and your suppliers.

But first you need to learn how. Get up to speed on social software applications, and web 2.0 technologies along with social information management (SIM). We'll help you make your information more actionable - viral. Social software applications, which are browser based, make it easier to share knowledge that can help you gain more customers or help improve your dealings with suppliers. They are working for professional services, financial services, manufacturing, industrial chemicals, consumer durables, industrial packaging, toy and apparel industries.