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The Bigger Picture for Enterprise Blogs

All this noise about blogging in PR/marketing is missing the bigger picture - blogging internally. Our grandparents had Laurel and Hardy, Gapingvoid, Hugh - "Blog bashing doesn't phase me too much- I actually find it rather entertaining. What can I say? It's rather fun watching people being wrong, again and again, for the same "I have a dumb ass suit & tie job in a big company ergo I must be terribly important" reasons."

Customers using (Ideascape) have plans on their radar screens to use blogs for PR/Marketing purposes as soon as they are ready. There is no magic wand to wave to accelerate the implementation process when there are hundreds or thousands of employees that need blogs, especially when they are all interconnected together. I would venture to say that most bloggers who use a single author blogging tool ( typepad or MT) have no experience with rolling out a scaled system that incorporates many more robust components to thousands of authors.

Upper management in most cases see the enormous benefits of blogging, not just for pr/marketing, but for creating a gigantic learning environment across the business. On the other hand, asshole managers are everywhere, but they are getting the message. The ephemeral CEO - "Corporations have reached a tipping point, in which power in the corporation is permanently shifting away from CEOs." from Management Issues - "Being a CEO is an increasingly risky business as a new global study reveals a growing haste – particularly in Europe - to remove chief executives who fail to deliver strong results in the first few years of their tenure." Think there might be a connection between those CEOs who incorporate blogs into their firms and those who stay on the job longer?

Bonus, The Trickle Down Effect of Blogs is a post I worte the other day on the impact blogs are having on innovation, ideas, concepts, etc.