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The 7 habits of highly effective PR blogs

A year ago, many people would have been hard pressed to describe a weblog, but today the impact of blogging is felt across our society. Whether it's the latest news leak, a new outlet for more traditional media, or a discussion about politics, technology, business trends, or a global occurrence, blogs are rapidly becoming an important part of online and in-person discourse. The fact is corporate blogs are finding a place in this growing online community. Marketing departments in businesses are using social software applications, blogs, to find new opportunities to connect with customers.

On his blog, Nick Wreden, has a post on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective PR Blogs that is a must read for any corp. PR blogger.

1) Never pitch, personalize,

2) Respect a blogger's time and intelligence,

3) "A blog is not about you, it is about me"

4) Quality, not quantity

5) Feed the food chain

6) It's no longer just about the media

7) Keep learning

This is a great start. Have any ideas you'd like to add. Leave a comment.