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Crazy Ideas and Change

Crazy ideas are everywhere! We need to keep our antennae up and take action on those ideas that are important to us personally, to our loved ones, and to society no matter how crazy they might seem. I know, there is always something standing in the way. A lot of times it is ourselves - fear. Lighten up - try not to take things so seriously.

I let a couple of great ideas slide for way too long. I was thinking I'd get around to figuring them out eventually. What a shock. A decade later and I am older but not wiser. If an idea does not get put into Play - nothing happens; it will not evolve on its own and neither will you.

So what are you waiting for? Go crazy! Make it happen; if you don't, who will?

"Leading Ideas: Embrace the Lunatic Inside You" from Fast Company blog. Something to consider: Your best ideas are born from madness. You've got to let yourself think crazy thoughts and dream crazy dreams to find them."

"You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it." -- Robin Williams (1952- ) U.S. Actor and Comedian

Even Evelyn Rodriguez on Crossroads Dispatches had a friend question her, "I was worried about you," confided a blogging buddy recently. Huh, what is he talking about? Ah, perhaps I am coming across a bit too confused, lost, and distraught." From "The Truth Can Never Harm, I Shall Write, Said Gandhi".

BTW Evelyn has tons of goodies on her site about creativity and ideation.

From How To Save The World, "The Ten Greatest Impediments to Personal Change - The Idea: The ten most common reasons people who want to change don't. And some possible 'cures'.

1. Procrastination
2. Well-meaning naysayers and apologists
3. Fear of failure (defeatism)
4. Giving up too soon (impatience)
5. Waiting for the whole plan to be in place - Just start.
6. Lack of self-confidence or cultural intimidation
7. Inflexibility or lack of adaptability
8. Trying to do it all yourself
9. Lack of forethought or concentration
10. Lack of necessary skills or talents

You know what you'd really like to do with your life. You know what you have to do to get there. You know why you're unhappy -- with your job, with your relationships, with your accomplishments, with your whole way of life. But like me, you're still sitting there.

[how to save the world]"