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Community Development and Management

If you are unable to attend this conference, check out our blog to learn more about social network software and community 2.0 for the enterprise. Here's a good blog post to start with, Community software and better tacit interactions.

Here's a podcast about community 2.0. Of course, most of the podcast is old news if you've been keeping up with our blog over the last three years.

From Community 2.0 Conference.

Learn how leading companies are building communities to improve their business.

Community 2.0 is the inaugural event for forward-thinking organizations that recognize the need of harnessing the network effect of community to make smarter, faster, and better business decisions.

This conference will offer an illuminating look at how community and social networks radically change the performance of companies in the areas of:

  • Marketing- Find out how companies are harnessing the power of community to create two-way dialogues with their customers that ultimately deepen relationships and improve their bottom line.
  • Product Innovation- Share ideas with industry thought leaders on how community interaction is shortening product development cycles and creating new product opportunities.
  • Customer Service- Learn how best practice companies are leveraging their customers to - self-service and respond faster and more intelligently to company questions.

What's your purpose for setting up a community driven system? Identity creation? Content creation? To learn? To collaborate? Knowing the answer determines how the system is configured, how it flows, and how well it succeeds.

 Community Driven Sites Are Unpredictable.

How important is it to know what employees, customers, suppliers, stakeholders, et al., have to say? Do you really want all of these people connecting and sharing ideas, information, knowledge?