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Connecting in a Complex World

"Supernova 2006: Connecting in a Complex World (reg req)

This year's Supernova -- a conference on emerging technologies co-sponsored by Wharton and held in San Francisco -- asked participants to consider the new "industry ecosystems" and technological innovations that are emerging in response to an increasingly connected world."

Wharton examines web-based applications, and privacy issues surrounding internet-based computing. One of the apps is what they call, "videonet -- websites that are forming an infrastructure to deliver videos created by amateurs and professionals alike; and the growing movement to microformat web information so that users can easily assimilate data in multiple ways."


Assimilating data in multiple ways is what we now call mashups.

Social Networks in Business

At the core of an effective social network system is a well-established, thriving eco-system. This eco-system is comprised of users who engage, create, and share content online (publicly and privately), incorporating web services †data sharing with other social networks such as flickr, amazon, google, yahoo, digg, to create new contexts, mashups, and solutions that shed new light on problems. So these mashups are a vital piece of your social network.