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CRM and Social Networking

Business managers need to take notice of the social web. With social software applications - social networking and community solutions combined with CRM, managers and employees can improve customer support and value while improving productivity.

Snagged this article and images from Selvas Cano, "Online Communities / Social Networking and CRM

There are a number of reasons why companies want to do community [social networks]; some see it as a way to bring down support costs, others (smarter) see it as that plus a way to obtain feedback on products, yet others (smartest) see it as all of the above plus a way to allow a web of support and sense of belonging develop among their customers and translate that into loyalty; exhausting this topic would require a book.

enterprise social networking software and crm

Now; community is about people engaging with each other and reaping value out of that engagement. To make this relevant to the diagram above lets understand that people implies both customers and/or employees of the company; employees may do it on their official company role (i.e. technical support) or in an un-official role; however allow me to only illustrate in the diagram the customer to customer portion of this to keep things simple:

enterprise social networking software and crm


These releationship diagrams are what we been driving at with our enterprise social networking software applications and mashups.

Thanks to Social Customer Manifesto for the pointer.