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Future Trends - Map of the Decade - 2005

One of my regular reads comes out with this handy annual trend-watching tool. Most of the trends are connected to the net and imply a great deal of social networking software.  If you're a manager you really need to be asking yourself, what am I doing today to participate in these trends that are already unfolding?

"Each year, the Institute for the Future maps the big trends that will shape the coming decade in an AT-A-GLANCE graphic map. Scanning the Map is a little like swallowing a time capsule from the future-and getting very smart very fast!


This year's Map looks at six key trends that you need to understand to navigate the next decade successfully:

  • Grassroots economics: From economies of scale to economies of sociability
  • Smart networking: From informed consumers to smart networkers
  • Strong opinions, strongly held: From global media culture to a splintered fundamentalism
  • Urban wilderness: From predominantly rural to predominantly urban species
  • Sick herd: From steadily improving quality of life to increasing signs of stress
  • End of cyberspace: From physical versus digital to seamlessly physical and digital."
Now would be a good time to get in touch with us so that you're not left in the dust. I know, a lot of talk in the past about the demise of the brick and mortor organizations was overblown with the hype of the net. This time, things really are different. All of the hype from the 90's is now coming to fruition - web 2.0.