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Important technologies for 2008 - Collaboration Tools - Social Networks

CIO Insight, "Collaboration tools which allow employees to brainstorm, plan, analyze, share work and make decisions together are among the most important technologies of 2008.

"Collaboration: Unlocking the Power of Teams" from CIO Insight, By Allan Alter

Mr. Alter, "...collaboration and work-flow moved up to second place in our Top Trends Survey list of the most strategic technologies late last year, it confirmed what CIOs and other IT executives had been telling us about the field's growing importance to their businesses.

...the line between collaboration and communication is ultra-thin, and we included nearly 30 items under the collaboration umbrella from telephony and e-mail to prediction markets and social networks.

We discovered that about 80 percent of IT executives believe collaboration and workflow technologies deliver on their promise to boost productivity and decision-making, and half say they enable and even inspire strategies that were previously unattainable or unimaginable."

At the end of the day, you need to solve a problem. So, stop reading about social software applications. Unleash your imagination and start experimenting with them. The real value and power of social network software can only be appreciated with hands-on experience. Consider this, a short-term, pilot project to discover and evaluate solutions based on results. We're easy to work with and provide application audit trails as well as productivity metrics.

Productivity gains that impact business - Forward thinkers and project teams will quickly gain experience with online communities, social networking applications, and new information flows as they apply to how people learn, collaborate and innovate. The results are a rich learning environment that supports better decision making and work-flow management.

Leveraging resources to create custom solutions. We take a hybrid approach between open source, closed source, functionality, risk and support to deliver simple or advanced, custom solutions. Ones that are stable with superior performance and maximum uptime.

A small investment for big returns. We listen to your problems and offer solutions. From practical ones to crazy ones, we'll help you unlock the benefits of social software and Web 2.0 ideas. Call us now at 973.433.4007.