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"Information Anxiety" and Keeping Up

The myth of "keeping up" by Kathy Sierra from headrush.

Kathy offers her tips on keeping up with information anxiety.

"Find the best aggregators

Aggregators become increasingly more important. Finding the right person, business, web site, etc. who does the best job of filtering (attenuating) in a specific area adds time to your life.

Get summaries

Cut the redundancy!

Do you really need three news magazines?

Unsubscribe to as many things as possible

Recognize that gossip and celebrity entertainment are black holes

Pick the categories you want for a balanced perspective, and include some from OUTSIDE your main field of interest

Be a LOT more realistic about what you're likely to get to, and throw the rest out.

In any thing you need to learn, find a person who can tell you what is:

* Need to know
* Should know
* Nice to know
* Edge case, only if it applies to you specifically
* Useless

Too many product manuals, tech docs, books, etc. include everything without necessarily giving you the "weighting" for how imporant each thing is.

Finally, are WE part of the problem?"

With each passing day we're helping more people and orgainzations get better control over information using Ideascape (social network software).