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Keeping up with rapidly changing times.

The open-source software movement developed because people had an "itch to scratch". One that "off-the-shelf" software did not support or was too costly to use. In the open source community people want to contribute, learn and share their knowledge and experience. They want to participate in a rich learning environment. They want to be able to get their work done and make a difference. We know from experience that these ideas work in a business environment.

With many open-source communities having thousands of developers and users - it is a mistake to believe that these ideas would not apply in business.

"Did You Know; Shift Happens - Globalization; Information Age" video by Karl Fisch.

Here are several more ideas that fit any size project. They are centered around using social software and virtual communities to help employees, stakeholders, partners, deal with rapidly changing times.

  • internal communications, how people work together - collaborate,
  • amplify talent development through rich learning environments,
  • social web and rich internet and intranet applications to meet ever changing market demands,
  • innovation around networks of people,
  • idea and resource exchanges across the organization,

"Ketchum report: Media Myths and realities and Gary Hamel" by Alan Moore on Communities Dominate Brands.