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Knowledge Sharing - Cast a wide net

Knowledge Sharing - Cast a wide net.

As a business professional, you know that now, more than ever, knowledge sharing is becoming a crucial aspect of the business process. Having an open mind and casting a wide net yields the greatest results.  

Here's an interesting article, Selling Soup, from The NY Times. Go a head, read it.

Now, let's say that managers are like doctors and instead of hand-washing let's assume, pick one:

Knowledge Sharing,







Add your own."

See cognitive biases for many of the reasons why we don't comply or do the right thing. 

"The first is what might be called a perception deficit. In one Australian medical study, doctors self-reported their hand-washing rate at 73 percent, whereas when these same doctors were observed, their actual rate was a paltry 9 percent." Some of the psychological reasons for these are: too busy and arrogance - not me.

Anyway, the novel solution of "...handed each of them an agar plate — a sterile petri dish loaded with a spongy layer of agar." The plates were cultured and photographed with the disgusting images placed on every computer screen in the hospital.

This is a great idea for sharing knowledge across the hospital or any organization. There are hundreds more that are  just as simple.

One way to share these ideas is to utilize blogs and wikis - social network software - to facilitate communication between experts and those seeking information internally and externally.

Bonus link: Executive Trends