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Less Than 5 Percent Of Sales Happen Online

So how does the Internet come in handy? It's perfect for doing research before you hit the road so you know exactly what you want and where to get it.

Check out this infographic by, a startup that checks the inventory of real world stores to tell you whether products are in stock or not. We focus on e-commerce because it's so big and still growing, so it's easy to forget that e-commerce is actually a very very small part of  commerce.

Adjust your website goals for higher conversions.

The less than 5% is pretty consistent with conversion rates we find on most sites - no matter what the goals are. In fact, many e-comm sites could have higher conversion rates (more sales) if they optimized their websites for those visitors that are doing research. For small to medium size businesses - Google has website analytics and website optimizer ( both are free). I'm assuming bigger businesses can affroad more robust tools for analytics and optimization. With Drupal, the whole process is a lot easier.

The infographic has more info by sector and you can read more on their blog.

how to get higher conversion rates - mosre sale happen offline