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Marketing 1.0 to 2.0 considerations

I'm trying to find a theme that connects the following posts. One theme might be on the transition from marketing 1.0 to marketing 2.0? Hint! Hint! Take the time to read the comments on them - they are fantastic.

" Is Marketing A Discipline In Crisis?" by Tom Guarriello, thetruetalk blog. These are Tom's thoughts about goog "having serious difficulty figuring out a workable ad model for social networking sites", and his first day at the BRITE Conference.

Tom, "OK, so, I come away feeling like this: when the best in the business [goog]
can't figure out how to monetize a hugely developing marketplace [social networking sites], and a room full of senior people can't come up with better thoughts than the ones I heard today (an unreasonably generalized conclusion, to be sure), I worry that the emperor is skinny dippin'."

"Podcast: Expert insight or human engagement?" by Johnnie Moore.

"A couple of days ago, I blogged about two posts by Sean Howard and Piers Fawkes. They seemed to have a common thread of dissatisfaction with business-as-usual (in stakeholder research for Sean, and trendspotting for Piers)." Be sure to check out Piers post, "The Problem With The Trends (Business)".

"can brands cope with consumer participation?" from Influx by Ed Cotton.

"Influx and many others have been following and reporting on the Marketing 2.0 trend which suggests a new open environment of participation between brands and their customers.
The catalyst of the internet has made all the possible and brands now have the power and potential to engage in real dialog. appears that most marketing departments aren't yet designed and organized to manage and cope with Marketing 2.0, most are still working and structured for a 1.0 world.