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Momentary Advantages

There's a new frame of reference for value creation that demands creativity, flexibility, and execution.

Business Web 2.0 and Social software applications makes it easier for your employees, customers and stakeholders, to cut through the clutter of information and prevent the frittering away of valuable resources; ie, their time and attention -- mindspace, and re-focus them on making ideas more robust, and useful across the business.

None of us is as smart as all of us... Start using Social Information Management principals along with web 2.0 and social software tools. Use defined vocabularies, thesaurus, and tagging (folksonomy) that make it easier for you to find and discover -- ideas, opportunities, stories, questions, answers, concepts and solutions to improve performance.

With new web 2.0 technologies combined with social information management, employees can collaborate amongst themselves as well as with customers and suppliers to get work done. These discussions flesh out ideas -- big and small ones -- not just the latest fads or me-too consulting company ideas. These are robust, useful ideas from your people, customers, and prospects that contribute to improving the business.

Time. Ideas and stories can be shared across the organization... Freeing up many of minds from doing the same thing over and over. This also lays the foundation for solutions to much bigger problems. Just having a digital idea management is a productivity boost. Even better, you now have a new source of up-to-date information from the net mixed with your own to nurture new ideas. Sometimes, raising more questions than answers, the process challenges conventional thinking and opens up new possibilities.

Risk. With the life cycle for products/services getting shorter and shorter, the risks are too great to waste time using outdated practices, finger pointing, playing the me-to game with competitors, sifting through mountains of non-essential information, wasting resources, or just simply doing nothing -- stuck in inertia. With Advancing Insights Solutions, managing ideas across the organization gives people the needed experience to deal with ideas of all sizes. In many cases, the small ones are the contributing factors to making bigger ideas work and so too is the experience gained.

Sadly, we can forget that any lasting advantage is ultimately a function of a company's ability to consistently generate, develop, and sell valuable new ideas.

Stop and Listen.