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New media marketing


By Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph.D.

"Whether it's the social network access of peer-to-peer marketing or the youth culture of wireless messaging, companies have never had more options to choose from when connecting with customers. But making those choices should not necessarily be a question of new technology, lower cost, or even media preference, per se. The choice should be made based on the most efficient use of your customer opportunities.

Some "new" marketing channels are now tried-and-true. A recent Forrester Research report, Interactive Marketing Channels to Watch, shows that 83 ercent of the 259 companies it surveyed use email marketing and more than two thirds plan to increase their online activities. In terms of emerging marketing channels the report shows that social networks, RSS feeds, and advertising within video games will get the most attention and dollars over the next five years. Media, communications, and consumer packaged goods firms are the most willing to experiment with new channels because it enables them to find the most specific groups of customers."