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NYC and NJ Freelance Drupal Consultant

jim wilde drupal nyc and new jersey consultingAs a senior freelance Drupal consultant, solutions engineer, working in NYC and New Jersey, NJ, I've performed work on multiple levels: From front-end (Drupal template/twig design or themer), backend (drupal module developer), and as a project manager (used AGILE as SDLC), a business analyst, and a solutions engineer for MTA, Rutgers and others in the area.

Call me, 862-596-0745 to learn more.

What's a solutions engineer? A solutions engineer is a senior Drupal consultant that knows how to select the right combination of modules to build a site, writes code to fill the gaps between them, can troubleshoot a variety of Drupal site recipes - multimedia, social networking, brochure sites, etc., scales and tunes the site for performance, knows how to read between the lines to satisfy business and user requirements, and knows what the best practices are and how to make them work in Drupal. In other words, an implementer is a hybrid position that knows the technical side of Drupal, knows a lot about exportables and staging, and other technologies as well as having an understanding of business concepts, especially marketing and business development.

My open source CMS preference and web application framework is Drupal. So I focus a lot on Drupal Module Development, Drupal Template Design (theme layer),  Drupal Consulting, and Drupal Implementation as well as on migrating and converting content from older websites, CMS's, or other sources to Drupal. With Drupal, selecting the right combination of modules and knowing when and how to write that special php glue-code to fill the gaps between core and contributed modules and how to make them all perform as expected is what produces a great Drupal site.

drupal association memberTo learn more about Drupal - an open source CMS, check out , to find additional Drupal consultants or developers,  and of course, there is Lullabot for Videos, podcasts, tutorials, training, consulting, and guidance. Yes, they are competition but you know - it is a big world and I am focused on NYC and NJ. Besides, they, Lullabot, has kick ass products and podcasts. I'm a big fan of their podcasts. These guys, mustardseed media, have contributed some incredible modules: features, boxes, spaces, strongarm (open atrium - drupal distro). You gotta check their podcasts. I've been using the mdoules, especially features.module, to create exportables, which work great for staging.

As a freelance Drupal consultant and web developer, I have experience developing and rolling out strategic websites, Web 2.0 projects, online applications, social media tools, and open source Content Management Systems ( Drupal CMS), and I have many more years experience in IT and business development.

If you are developing any code on the module or theme layer consider these resources for module development and Drupal Template Design:

The new big things in Drupal 8 are services and api's.

Initially, we only had the services module (Drupal 7)  but now we have services in Drupal 8 core.  

. drupal design

Recent Drupal Camps: Design4Drupal in Boston 2018, DrupalCampNYCdrupal nyc consulting

Our web development services are intended for any size business, non-profit, school, or government. We stay close to home, NYC or NJ, because we want to be able to meet face-to-face with our customers to get the job done. Call 862.596.0745 to learn more.