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O' Shit

The New Yorker, Financial page, IN CASE OF EMERGENCY by James Surowiecki, The term “crisis management” may seem like little more than a euphemism for “snow job,” but there is an art to it. Spin alone won’t do the trick. ...unrealistic optimism, insofar as it’s a byproduct of self-assurance, assertiveness, and conviction, may be a handy trait for those seeking success in business. It will come as a surprise to no one that in most surveys executives are found to be consistently optimistic and overconfident."

10 Commandments for The Era of Participatory Public Relations by Steve Rubel:

1) Thou shall listen –

2) Remember that all creatures great and small are holy

3) Honor thy customer

4) Thou shall not be fake

5) Covet thy customers

6) Thou shall be open and engaging

7) Thou shall embrace blogging

8) Thou shall banish corporate speak

9) Thou shall tell the truth

10) Thou shall thinketh in 360 degrees –