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Open Source Is the Big Disruptor

Great news. "Open Source Is the Big Disruptor" - eWeek

"Open-source software is going to erode proprietary sales revenue by offering less-expensive or free alternatives, expanding the total market potential by meeting the demands of SMBs (small medium businesses) for affordable solutions, and creating a new business model for established and emerging service providers to provide selection, customization and management services for open-source solutions,"

We've been offering services, mostly to small and medium size business, around open source software for almost 5 years. Our greatest challanges with bigger businesses and organizations are the MS effect and the idea that we are a small business. Right, some of the open source projects we work on, drupal, wordpress, mambo, joomla, xoops, and others have more developers and supporters than most software businesses.

All of the open source projects we participate in are focused on rich internet applications, interactive portals, social networking, and learning environments.

...some of the market accelerators to open source, which included the low barriers to entry and increased return on investment, the availability of high-quality solutions at low cost, the access to open standards and development processes, vendor independence and flexibilityâ€resulting in investment protectionâ€and faster procurement and a shorter development time.