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PR - External & ER - Internal

Blogs are the New Press Releases by Steve Rubel of Micro Persuasion offers his thoughts on press releases and wants to know yours. Judging by the comments on his post, I think Steve effectively demonstrates his third point on feedback.

1) RSS Will be Everywhere - By 2007 RSS will be considered an official disclosure point because you will instantaneously reach everyone at once. Today we all have a free wire distribution service on our desktops, thanks to RSS

2) The Humans Will Rise to Kill the Machines - People want the facts but they also want to hear the news in a human voice, not from an automaton - "we are pleased" quotes won't cut it anymore, sorry. And the phrase "today announced" will one day fall by the wayside

3) Feedback, Feedback, Feedback - People can't really leave a comment on press releases, but on blog posts they sure can. Companies will crave feedback and people will always want to dish it.

This applies to internal communications as well, both in a top down and bottom up fashion.

Everything that Steve suggests will apply to internal communications as well. While you're at Steve's site, check out his take on who should be monitoring blogs (you can do this automatically with Ideascape) as well as 10
Commandments for The Era of Participatory Public Relations