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Small to Medium Businesses Get more Traffic From Facebook Pages With Video & Images

Business owners who are wondering how best to attract the attention of Facebook users might want to favor video and images over lots and lots of text. Fresh Hitwise data shows that Facebook users prefer broadcast media over print sources when it comes to news.

Heather Hopkins recently looked at what news and media websites Facebook users most often visit after getting their social media fix. The list includes the Weather Channel, CNN, Yahoo News, MSNBC, People Magazine, Fox News, Google News, AccuWeather, Topix, and the Drudge Report.

Hopkins observed that, "A larger proportion of Facebook's News and Media traffic is directed toward Broadcast Media websites compared with Google News. The following chart illustrates this point nicely. The chart shows upstream visits to Broadcast Media websites from Facebook and Google News over the past year."


Small and medium size businesses that have Facebook pages and can produce videos cheaply should consider the option using more video and images.

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