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Cooties, Terriorists & Blogs

"Viruses, worms, Trojan horses, Remote Access Trojans, hackers, organized crime, terrorists, and others continue to make the Internet a dangerous place due to fraud, extortion, denials of service, identity theft, espionage, and other crimes. Now, blogging is emerging as a threat to the Internet user community."

November 11, 2004, Fisk Bait, Posted by Michael O'Connor Clarke - "What fresh hell is this? A news release hit the wires today from Dublin-based Research and Markets . Here’s a tiny sample: "Companies Need to Raise Employee Awareness Regarding Blogging and Associated Threats … Blogging is rapidly emerging as a threat to Internet users.""

Blogs are like terrorists? Like viruses? Sorry. My flabber is too gasted to permit any kind of rational response here."

BTW The report Mike refers to cost $1500. The unfounded lameness continues with a new report form eMarketer.

Steve does a great job of pointing out the what eMarketer neglected to talk about. Let the Blog Bashing Begin from Steve Rubel, Micro Persuasion "Pete Blackshaw predicted this would happen and he was right. A blog bashing movement is underway. In a new report, eMarketer is questioning whether businesses will ever blog. They're following the effervescent Nick Denton. He got the ball rolling with his "Up with People-like" quotes in Sunday's New York Times."

enterprise blogging systems

Gave Ya 'Rithmatic, now here's Readin' and Writin'

More on the fundamentals of being a better manager/person in business.

Create an intention calendar from Creating Passionate Users."There is an expression, "You are what you eat." And it's true. It's also the case that "You are what you think." Every single thought in our heads is created by nerve impulses that travel between neurons."

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Enterprise Blogs

Enterprise Blogs - Enterprise Blogs are a collection of blogs that are tied together using a shared content repository. Enterpise Blogs provide greater security, functionality, and taxonomies (structured vocabularies) as well as folksonomies (unstructured).

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