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Consumers are using web 2.0 (social software) to create and connect on the net like never before.

Dave Winer on his new OPML tool... "I think the answer is to put the tools for constructing data formats into the hands of users. We've been going about it all wrong, coming up with straight-jackets for users, and expecting them to conform to some set of rules that make no sense about how the characters should be encoded, when it's ideas and relationships to other ideas that we want to make it easy for them to express. In other words, we don't know how to capture this data that we want so much, so create a tool for expressing data that at least some people can use, and let them use it, and let them make it public, and then see what kind of crawlers people write, and then learn, and iterate, and try again and again until we're closer to having the information we want at our fingertips, to quote another visionary from another time."


User - employees, cutomers, stakeholders - created content is a snap!

business bloggingMuch of what he sez applies to services in Ideascape, our businees blogging tool. With everyone being able to tag their created objects, finding/discovering them  through services such as delicious and flickr makes the process fun and productive. The big question is what to do with it? Check out Doc Searls' closing keynote at Les Blogs, Paris.

Bonus: Why Can't Business Learn From Open Source And Blogging? and Building Vibrant Human Networks While Business Blogging.

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