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Finding your values and priorities.

Find a quiet place to relax and let your daily cares recede from your mind. Close your eyes, let your mind begin to imagine something that you know will certainly happen someday -- the end of your own life. Imagine yourself in a hospital bed, knowing you have only a few hours left to live or you may imagine your own funeral.

Whatever scene you choose to imagine, try to see it as concretely as you can. Who is in the room? What are they wearing? What sounds can you hear? Where are people sitting or standing? What can you smell? What color is the floor? Imagine the scene for a few minutes. Then begin to think about what you would like to be true at that time.

  • What would you like the people you care about to say or think of you at the end of your life?

  • What would you like to have accomplished in your life?

  • What would you, yourself, want to know was true about your life even if no one else in the world knew it?

Take some notes, write a description of the most important goals you want to strive for in your life. Make a meme out of it.

People want to be useful and valued -- they want to contribute. If people are not permitted or able to do these things at work, they will find some place to work where they can. What will be your legacy?

Heuristic: Quit wasting time! Stand up straight, shoulders back, and act like you have some sense in your head.