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We got IMAX, ExLax, and now Ajax. WTF is next?

We got IMAX, ExLax, and now Ajax. WTF is next?

"Where can you find Flickr and Apple in the same room? At the AJAX Summit of course. An insider report from the press-free zone where the future of webdev is being mapped out." by Jonathan Boutelle for SiliconValleyWatcher

"The O'Reilly/Adaptive Path AJAX Summit, held Monday and Tuesday in San Francisco, was a "geeks only" affair."

Jonathan offers insights and lots of links to Ajax demo's and developers.

Tiger Woods & Why BI Tools are Awful, by Paul Kedrosky from Infectious Greed. "Recent readers of this site may not realize that last year I wrote an OpEd for the Wall Street Journal on the trouble with Tiger Woods: I argued he swings too hard."

You gotta check this out. Yes, it is ajax related. Yes, Paul has a demo in Flash of Tiger Woods swing, but considers ajax and offers caution on jumping in too fast.

Did I mention Tiger Woods? Just did it - your take. You gotta go vote now.

...and I came across this link Feedtagger on Steve Rubel's site. "...allows you to "tag" your feeds under different headings." Nothing really new, but check it out. That is a pretty a common feature in most advamced cms and blogging apps.

more on ajax... Item php|architech: Two Blogs Remind - AJAX Webcast in May

"In a reminder from several sources (Marco Tabini's blog, and Davey Shafik's blog), there is a note about the upcoming (today) free PHP webcast from php|architect in a new edition of their php|symphony series - Building Dynamic Web Applications with AJAX by Joshua Eichorn. The webcast is on May 26th (no, not April) at 1pm EST sharp.

"Join us for this great (and complete free!) webcast hosted by developer and author Joshua Eichorn and learn all about the use of AJAX with PHP and the JPSpan framework to build dynamic applications."

I saw an ajax MT plugin somewhere but can't remember. Anyway, enjoy.