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What do we call personal information management when it moves into shared online spaces?

Not so fast. I often times get caught up in what I know about social networking and information management - the curse of knowledge. I assume that most people are familiar with the ideas of social information management. They aren't.

Anyway, I came across a blog post (from the blogroll - an rss agregator), by Jon Udell, "Social Information Management".

Jon, "For much of my career I've been exploring ways to bring people and information together in shared online spaces. Groupware, social software, the semantic web, the giant global graph, it's all the same to me in one fundamental way. When we push information into shared spaces, data finds data, and people find people, and all sorts of magic happens.

What do all these acts have in common?

- I publish a blog entry about a technique I just learned.

- I geocode a photo on Flickr.

- I curate a list on

- I add to a Wikipedia page.

- I arrange a dinner using Windows Live Events.

Here's a related post, "Discovering versus teaching principles of social information management", from Jon.

These ideas should be taught in high school or at the same time kids are learning to get around the library catalog system.

With organizations and business, these ideas should be explored by business development managers and by those employees or managers responsible for interal training, learning, and education.