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Who says Blogs have to be about Egos?

In reference to Seth's discussion on ego, my partner Jim neglected to expand on our idea for using blogs as a communications/idea generating tool WITHIN companies.  I think the Blogs that Seth's referring to in his "ego" post are the ones that currently reside in the "Blogosphere" - the ones full of pontificating PR blow-hards, techy geeks and whining self analysing personal blogs among others.  What we see for Ideascape is bringing the blog INTERNAL, to the corporate atmosphere...creating internal mini-blogospheres, where anyone can and will blog with a different purpose:  to record their knowledge, to offer their ideas, to add to the knowledge base of the company.  Yes, even in this atmosphere, there will be those who can't help but editorialize; but we're hoping it will also appeal to the writing-shy technical experts who will jot down their experiences and knowledge without flowery messages "just the facts, ma'am" type of posts, and to the "peons" who have cost-saving fantastic ideas but because they aren't listened to, the ideas die away as they simply do their jobs and go home for fulfillment that they could be getting on the job.