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Working Together - Collaborating and web 2.0

I came across an article about teams "working together when apart" that offers ideas for business social networking software. Especially the part about developing personal profiles where team members can quickly learn about each other - expertise locator, and work together. Check out the demo.

"Working Together...When Apart "

By Lynda Gratton

As employees scatter around the globe, virtual teamwork has become crucial. Here are 10 rules for making it work.

1. Invest in an online resource where members can learn quickly about one another.

2. Choose a few team members who already know each other.

3. Identify "boundary spanners" and ensure that they make up at least 15% of the team.

4. Cultivate boundary spanners as a regular part of company wide practices and processes.

5. Break the team's work up into modules so that progress in one location is not overly dependent on progress in another.

6. Create an online site where a team can collaborate, exchange ideas and inspire one another.

7. Encourage frequent communication. But don't try to force social gatherings.

8. Assign only tasks that are challenging and interesting.

9. Ensure the task is meaningful to the team and the company.

10. When building a virtual team, solicit volunteers as much as possible.