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Advertising taking on new art forms

Continuing to muse about advertising - confused in calcutta

This is about social media taking on new art forms.

...we're going to see something new emerge soon. We're going to see marketers and advertisers compete for sponsorship of ultra-short videos and cartoons, which will become a whole new art form.

Micro-sponsorship at event level, where each clip is an event. The event itself will have no relation to the brand or product doing the sponsoring, or at best a loose connection. What does AIG have to do with Manchester United, or for that matter Carling to do with football? So what we see in the world of sport will move into the world of YouTube, but the eventsbeing sponsored will get smaller and smaller.


I've been working with a group of international artists, Some of them make money creating art work around virtual worlds. So, it's not too far of a stretch for them to create new art forms, videos, cartoons, etc., for marketers and advertisers.