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Ask These Questions Before Website Redesign

If your website isn't built on an open source CMS - like Drupal, it's probably time for a website redesign.
Modern websites need to be updated or redesigned on a constant basis. Even if you have a "static" site, you still need to make sure the content on it stays current. Many older sites weren't built on a Content Management Systems (CMS) and can be a pain to update, especially for people who aren't comfortable with coding.


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  • What is the goal of the website?
  • In other words, when it's working great, what specific outcomes will occur?
  • Who are we trying to please? If it's the boss, what does she want? Is impressing a certain kind of person important? Which kind?
  • How many people on your team have to be involved? At what level?

How to Migrate or Convert to an Open Source CMS - Drupal

  • Who are we trying to reach? Is it everyone? Our customers? A certain kind of prospect?
  • What are the sites that this group has demonstrated they enjoy interacting with?
  • Are we trying to close sales?

Reinventing, Reinvigorating, Redesigning your website should be about your CUSTOMERS.

  • Are we telling a story?
  • Are we earning permission to follow up?
  • Are we hoping that people will watch or learn?
  • Do we need people to spread the word using various social media tools?
  • Are we building a tribe of people who will use the site to connect with each other?

Advantages of an Open Source CMS - Drupal


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  • Do people find the site via word of mouth? Are they looking to answer a specific question?
  • Is there ongoing news and updates that need to be presented to people?
  • Is the site part of a larger suite of places online where people can find out about us, or is this our one sign post?
  • Is that information high in bandwidth or just little bits of data?
  • Do we want people to call us?
  • How many times a month would we like people to come by? For how long?
  • Who needs to update this site? How often? Is there a Workflow?
  • How often can we afford to overhaul this site?
  • Does showing up in the search engines matter? If so, for what terms? At what cost? Will we be willing to compromise any of the things above in order to achieve this goal?
  • Will the site need to be universally accessible? Do issues of disability or language or browser come into it?
  • How much money do we have to spend? How much time?

And finally,

Does the organization understand that 'everything' is not an option?"

I snagged most of those questions from Seth Godin. Here is a link to Seth's post... "Things to ask before you redo your website.

With an open source cms, you are never starting from scratch. See these cms web distro's that are Drupal based.

Note: Keep your Internet marketing strategy (SEO/SEM, Social Media ) in mind with your website redesign.

Here are some more good ideas about website redesign... Preparing and Planning for a Website Redesign from webdesigner depot.

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