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Enterprise Blogging for Cooperative Strategies

In Seth's post The magic word, I think the confusion he talks about is pervasive and applies to many of us outside of marketing. In the following posts, both Seth and John write about mutually shared goals inside and outside of the organization and how to achieve them.

The magic word from Seth,

No, it's not please.

It's ego.

I meet a lot of confused marketers, and the primary cause of their confusion is that they believe that money equals motivation.

That employees can be persuaded to do things by paying them more and that consumers will buzz something if you reward them with cash.

The next time you're in a meeting and someone pulls out a spreadsheet, realize that you're about to hear about money/value = ego. That's fine. But what about everyone else? Ignore the rest and they'll feed their ego somewhere else.

Confronting the Offshoring Challenge John Hagel, Edge Perspectives, says American businesses are too focused on efficiency and not enough on growth and innovation.

...companies need to re-conceive their roles in terms of accelerating capability building. In an increasingly competitive global economy, the reason people will join companies is because they believe that they can get better faster by working with others in a company rather than acting as free agents. If companies don’t deliver against this expectation, they will find it harder and harder to attract and retain talented employees. Delivering against this expectation will require a much greater focus on growth and innovation, rather than narrow efficiency. It will also require deeper skill in collaborating with other highly specialized companies to get better even faster.

 Enterprise Blogging for Cooperative Strategies.

We are that specialized company! We provide the necessary tools and services to create cooperative environments so that employees can work together internally and externally with specialized companies as well as customers to get better even faster.

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