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ideas so sexy you forget to breathe...

hey, it got my attention, that phrase.

I first read it on Jim Wilde's first website, now defunct.  He was in the process of developing Ideascape...he had some crazy ideas, some mindblowing concepts. When I met him for the first time, his hair standing on edge, cigarette dangling from his lips, hands waving wildly in the air as he discussed his ideas, what he was reading, where he thought he wanted to go, I thought he was probably half crazy, but my curiosity was piqued. Hey, I admit, I'm no techie, so some of the ideas and
things he showed me online blew me away...I've since gotten more up to
speed but the things he knows and the ideas and concepts he keeps bringing up just take my breath away.  This guy must have read every business book ever written! Smart as all hell but at first you're not sure if he's serious; he's got such a self-deprecating manner sometimes, such an unassuming way about himself that you almost think he's full of shit when he tells you about the businesses he's started up, his successes. His self-imposed hibernation from the business world. What really impacted me, though was his determination to
develop a new business that would somehow serve humanity.  Help
people. He knew in some way he wanted to contribute.  "Do the right thing almost every dog gone day of your life" - this hangs over his
desk. His concern for the earth, for everyman. This is a good guy, I thought. I want to work for him! What a great attitude! Something about him brings out the best in everyone around him. He sees possibility where most people see dead ends.  forget out of the box, there is no packaging that could contain him...

Hats off to you, Jim and congrats on Ideascape's success!

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