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Online Marketing - Search and Email Work Best

"Each year, Datatran Media conducts its annual survey to capture insights from marketers around the globe. This year, Datran Media asked marketers to address their toughest challenges in this increasingly difficult economy. The results of the survey reveal significant optimism towards 2010 marketing and advertising spending, after a decline in 2009. "

for best online marketing use email and search

Online Audience Analytics Marketers are focused on quantifying ROI this year:

  • 72.8% say they now use audience measurement and analytics to assess the success of their digital campaigns, while just 21.6% do not.
  • Over one-half (54.4%) of marketers say they have optimized campaigns based on audience measurement analytics, while 29.6% have not done so as yet, but plan to in 2010 or beyond.
  • Most marketers cite clicks (72%), conversions (59.2%), and impressions (58.4%) as the three most important metrics:

web analytics to measure online marketing

Driving Brand Awareness and Revenue with Analytics

Nearly one-half 46.4%) of marketers say accurate online audience measurement is very important for driving increased brand awareness, revenue, and better campaign performance, while another 40.8% say it is somewhat important.

Among the greatest challenges to conducting online audience measurement, marketers cite the following:

  • Accuracy: 29.5%
  • Lack of ability to take action on data: 23.2%
  • Wasted impressions: 9.6%
  • Standards: 8.0% Some 26.4% of marketers say they do not conduct online audience measurement.

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