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Services Science

Here's an article, "A Techie, Absolutely, and More" about new areas of research in computer science called services science.

... research is spiced with anthropology, sociology, psychology, psycholinguistics - as well as observing cranky couples trade barbs in computer instant messages. ... in a hot niche called computer-supported cooperative work, which studies the ways people use technology to communicate and collaborate in work groups and social networks.

We, as in Advancing Insights, don't have a real budget for R&D. However, we have a rich source for new ideas and collaboration. We use the open source communities that we are involved as a model to learn cooperative strategies. What we've learned from the open-source movement and the blogosphere is that people want to contribute to endeavors of mutual benefit. We pass it on one
person, small business or big business at a time.

"You've got to constantly keep learning, I've got to constantly upgrade my skills. That's what gives you that edge."

What about you?