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Social Media Influences Searchers

"Research has shown that display ad exposure can lift consumer response to paid search. Data from comScore, GroupM and M80 indicates searchers are also more likely to keep a brand in mind if they have seen a combination of paid search ads and social media.

search and social media

The research firms found a 19-percentage-point lift in searches on the campaign brand among users who saw social media relevant to the brand in addition to the campaign's paid search ads compared with those who were exposed only to the search placements. And there was a further 13-point lift among those exposed to social media influenced directly by the brand.

"Every day consumers express their intent via search. Now, we better understand how that intent is established via social media and the interplay between the channels," said Chris Copeland, CEO of GroupM Search The Americas, in a statement.

The effect was even more pronounced when it came to searches for product terms rather than brand terms. Users were almost three times as likely to search after seeing influenced social media plus paid search, compared with paid search ads alone."

Above info is from eMarketer -"The Synergy of Search and Social Media"

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