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Creativity and Innovation on the Web

In his post “how to be creative” Dave Pollard (How to Save the World) hits the nail on the head in describing creativity. He also goes a step further, separating out creativity from innovation. “What is creativity? It's not the same as innovation.

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Idea Management Across the Organization Made Easy!

Every business development manager or chief innovation office needs to be asking this question: How do you coordinate activities and cultivate people to get more and better ideas to improve your business? While every organization should design its Idea Management processes according to its own needs, certain characteristics are common to all idea management systems. Open source CMS Idea Management System.

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Advancing Insights was founded in 2003, and is located in New Jersey.

Open source software "OSS" development began when one smart individual realized that he wasn't half as smart as all the other people he knew if he put them together. We support a similar model for Open Innovation and Cooperative Strategies. We practice what we preach.

ideas that fit
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