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Idea Management Across the Organization Made Easy!

Every business development manager or chief innovation office needs to be asking this question: How do you coordinate activities and cultivate people to get more and better ideas to improve your business? While every organization should design its Idea Management processes according to its own needs, certain characteristics are common to all idea management systems. Open source CMS Idea Management System.

  • Ideas, big and small ones, are encouraged and welcomed.
  • Submitting ideas is simple.
  • A central repository or meeting place for ideas to be cultivated and exchanged.
  • A vehicle to exlpore ideas from inside and outside the business.
  • A method to track ideas.
  • Evaluation of ideas is quick and effective.
  • Feedback is timely, constructive, and informative.
  • Implementation is rapid and smooth.
  • Ideas are reviewed for additional potential.
  • Ideas are shared across the organization.
  • People are recognized, and success is celebrated.
  • Idea Management system performance is measured, reviewed, and improved.

Advancing Insights makes the whole process of idea management easy with social networking software and community software solutions.

From Computeworld, "Tap the wisdom of employees -- and boost the bottom line. Collective-intelligence tools can shepherd the best and brightest ideas and turn them into huge bonanzas."