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Trends in Business?

Dave Pollard - How to save the world has posted, The Ten Most Important Trends in Business based on a survey conduted by Strategy+Business. I was not able to find the original survey on S+B. Most of Daves ideas are pretty well echoed throughout the blogosphere. Too bad the people that need to know about these trends, ideas, and technologies are too caught in the quarterly numbers.

  1. Open-Source Business - ... it's about open partnerships with those outside and inside the organization who can help the business provide better products and services to customers.
  2. Disruptive Innovation - Clay Christensen's research shows the total futility of trying to create barriers to protect your turf from competitors, some of whom don't yet even exist.
  3. Complexity - Dave Snowden is pioneering work that shows that existing business strategies and processes are designed to deal with 'complicated systems', and that a radically new approach is needed to deal with 'complex systems'.
  4. Corporate Reform -. The corporation itself has become dysfunctional, even pathological, and corporate laws and charters need a complete overhaul.
  5. Innovation Incubation - Innovation is risky, and incumbents dislike risk, which is why entrepreneurs (with some notable exceptions) have always been at the vanguard of innovation.
  6. Social Networking and Personal Productivity Improvement - It's all about the people, stupid. Forget the hierarchy and the cult of leadership. Forget about 'organizational knowledge' and 'organizational learning'.
  7. Wisdom of Crowds - The customer is always right, but today that's usually only realized in hindsight.
  8. Channel Customization - One size does not fit all. The future price of any manufactured commodity (and renewable natural commodities as well) trends to zero.
  9. Customer Relationship Management - Most businesses still think their purpose is to sell products or services to a reluctant market.
  10. Execution - The modern corporation is like a refinery for small, incremental, insubstantial changes. For substantial changes it is a minefield. Most ideas, including the best and the boldest, get blown up quickly.

Want more? Read any of my older posts and follow the links. My hunch is that most businesses with follow the... The Pathology of Business Bullshit instead of using... Candor In The Workplace. What do you think?