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You can't manage knowledge?

Knowledge Management by Euan Semple from his blog The Obvious sez, "You can increase the likelihood of connections, you can increase the chances that such connections will result in one person helping another and you can help create a culture in which helping each other is a good thing but you sure as hell can't manage knowledge." Bang! Euan shoud know since he walks the talk at the BBC.

For the avid KM fans, here is how wikipedia describes knowledge management.

Dave Weinberger, "Knowledge is literally a matter of conversation. It's disagreement with people who stretch you. Knowledge is the continuing conversation, not the result of it". I agree with Dave and Euan, read my post on Employee plots to Corporate Scenarios to learn more about connecting conversations via social network applications and about people working together using community applications to accomplish complex tasks.

Bonus: Boiled to death!