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Is Your Corporate IT Age Showing?

From CW, "Are You Obsolete? How to stay relevant in the world of Web 2.0, Wii and other wonders. According to a growing chorus of IT leaders, consultants and bloggers, IT needs to shift into a new role. It should continue its traditional responsibilities, such as governance, security and control of costs and return on investment. But it should loosen control over parts of the business intent on improving productivity through the use of downloadable rich Internet applications, social networking, collaboration tools and other Web 2.0 technologies.

There's still a question of how innovations like social networks, RSS, microblogs, wikis and mashups will translate into enterprise profits, but few doubt that they need to be explored, and not just by IT."

Even though we've implemented many web 2.0 - social technologies in business organizations, we still haven't hit on any one metric that can be tied to profits. How do you place value on collaboration, innovation, finding or retaining an employee? These tools are one piece of the puzzle. In most organizations, they will develop their own metrics for measuring ROI.